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I’m a fan of Roman Reigns for sure, he’s a big goddamn badass, and is a fun guy to watch in bursts, but he shouldn’t be the next goldenboy. I’m a massive Dean Ambrose fan for a reason. With Roman, give him a couple years and let him grow, then sure maybe. But sooner or later, WWE gotta realise that they have a goldmine in Deano.

I agree!!
I’m a Reigns fan as well, but it’s too early for him to become the next goldenboy of the company. He’s only 2-3 months into his singles run and the people are starting to resent him so quick that it’s ridiculous.


Roman ignored Cena’s hand for the tag lol “Not on my watch” he was probably thinking lmao


roman spam just because….well the man is like a god. That is all✌️💋😘


It would WAY more better if this was a Six-Pack Challenge than a 6-Man Tag Match.


Roman just gave us the dictionary example of the “bitch please” look.
Poor Seth looked like the toddler they took the cookie from


When Roman threw Seth that briefcase, am I the only one who saw a big brother teasing his little brother with his favourite toy?


Meine Liebe ♥

Your pretty pissed from when I almost crushed your skull with that cinder block huh?
Roman-Dont-Fuck-With-Me-Reigns (via loveyoujas)


People are complaining about Roman getting a promo and not Dean. Ya’ll need to sit it the fuck down.

Like Dean is filming a movie. He won’t get a push if he is not wrestling at the moment.

And he wouldn’t stand for your shitty hate of Roman. Roman is like his brother and ya’ll trying to discredit one Shield member for another is pathetic.

See your way out


Roman is so sexy, man. I just can’t. Every time they show his photo for later on tonight, I just stare. He is a beautiful man.


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